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Privacy policy  

National Bussan Co., Ltd. strictly manages and handles personal information registered by members of this site strictly from the viewpoint of privacy protection and personal information protection policy.
This policy is applied when you register your personal information from our website.


Purpose of using personal information

We inform to the customers our purpose of using personal information.
1) Purchased merchandise for shipment or payment.
2) Inquiries or reply from customers.
3) Deliver to by E-mail.
4) Contents for the agreement of terms of membership.


Collect personal information

We register and store your personal information for the service. We will not disclose or provide to the third parties any personal data of the relevant person without their concent.


Disclosure , correction, deletion for personal information

It is necessary for the identification to perform.
The procedures of disclosure, correction, deletion or cease of using personal information.


Provide to the third parties the personal information

We will not provide or disclose any personal information to the third parties except in the following cases.
1) For shipment the handling of items or inquiries from the customer, we will provide the customer information to the contractors.
2) When required by law.


Safety management of personal information

To protect personal information we use TLS encryption technology.