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2024/04/01 Notice of Changes Delivery Service Fee / 配送料一部変更のお知らせ
We sincerely thank you for using National Azabu's delivery service.
Due to various factors such as recent increases in gasoline prices and sundry expenses, we are implementing changes to the National Azabu supermarket delivery service starting from Monday April 1st, outlined as follows:

  1. Change in Basic Delivery Service Fee:


   ¥770 (including tax) after April 1st

  1. Changes in Free Delivery Service Conditions:

         Free delivery for orders over ¥5,000


         Free delivery for orders over ¥7,000 after April 1st

Thank you for your understanding, we value your understanding and support. National Azabu remains committed to continuously improving our services for customers.
National Azabu Store Manager

昨今のガソリン代や諸経費の高騰など諸般の事情により、配送料を 4月1日より下記の通り一部変更させていただきます。

  1. 基本配送料:


   ¥770 (税込) (4/1より)

  1. 無料デリバリーサービス:

         お買い上げ ¥5,000以上


         お買い上げ ¥7,000以上 (4/1より)

ナショナル麻布 店長